Mark Harmon’s Top-Rated Hits Beyond NCIS! Uncover His Best Movies & TV Gems!

Mark Harmon, best known for his role as Leroy Jethro Gibbs on “NCIS,” has had a prolific career spanning six decades with notable performances in various TV shows and movies. While “NCIS” has been a defining part of his legacy, here are five of Mark Harmon’s best projects outside of the long-running crime procedural:

  1. St. Elsewhere (1983-1986):
    • In this groundbreaking medical drama, Harmon portrayed Dr. Robert Caldwell, a character with a complex romantic arc. The show addressed serious medical and social issues, earning critical acclaim and multiple Emmy Awards.
  2. Chicago Hope (1996-2000):
    • Harmon joined the ensemble cast of this medical drama in its third season as Dr. Jack McNeil. The series, led by Mandy Patinkin, explored medical ethics and garnered critical praise.
  3. Freaky Friday (2003):
    • Harmon played Ryan in this Disney film, a departure from his usual roles. The movie, starring Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis, revolves around a mother and daughter who switch bodies, leading to comedic and heartwarming moments.
  4. For All Time (2000):
    • In this lesser-known sci-fi romantic drama, Harmon took on the role of Charles Lattimer. The film, based on a “Twilight Zone” episode, explores time travel and presents Harmon as the leading man in a feature-length role.
  5. The West Wing (2001-2002):
    • Harmon had a brief but impactful role as Secret Service agent Simon Donovan in the political drama. His flirtatious dynamic with Allison Janney’s character earned him an Emmy nomination and played a pivotal role in securing his casting as Gibbs in “NCIS.”

These projects showcase Harmon’s versatility and contributions to various genres, highlighting his range beyond the iconic Gibbs character.

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