TONIGHT: Explosive NCIS Season 21, January 15!

Is NCIS airing a new episode tonight on CBS? The anticipation for the show’s return is palpable, especially considering it has been off the air since May. Unfortunately, we have to deliver some disappointing news—there is no new episode tonight. Fans will have to wait until Monday, February 12, for the series to resume. The upcoming episode is expected to address the suspense surrounding Torres, played by Wilmer Valderrama, and the intriguing cliffhanger left unresolved.

The 21st season premiere, titled “Algún Día,” will see the NCIS team assisting Torres as he confronts a person from his past who tormented his family during his childhood. The episode promises to unravel the mysteries surrounding Torres and set the stage for the season ahead.

While the wait might be challenging, fans are eager to see the resolution of the Torres storyline and discover if he will continue to be a vital part of the team. The hope is for a swift resolution to this chapter to provide a clearer picture of what lies ahead in NCIS Season 21.

As viewers eagerly await the return of NCIS, they can share their expectations and thoughts on the upcoming season in the attached comments. Stay tuned for further updates and insights into NCIS Season 21.

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