Michael Weatherly’s SHOCKING Return as Tony DiNozzo in NCIS!

Michael Weatherly, known for his role as Tony DiNozzo on NCIS, has hinted at reprising his character in response to a fan on social media. The actor, who co-starred with Mark Harmon for 13 years until 2016, expressed that there’s more to explore with Tony DiNozzo, describing the character as “unfinished.” Weatherly’s plans to revisit DiNozzo sparked excitement among fans, with many expressing their anticipation for his potential return.

The speculation surrounding Weatherly’s return intensified following the passing of David McCallum, who played Ducky Mallard, in September of the previous year. The co-showrunners of NCIS hinted at a tribute episode for McCallum in the upcoming 21st season, teasing a “very touching and special moment” during an interview with TV Line. Fans have been hopeful that Weatherly, along with former co-stars Mark Harmon and Cote de Pablo, would make a return to honor McCallum.

Michael Weatherly left NCIS in 2016, with the season 13 finale marking his final appearance. Reflecting on his departure, he mentioned feeling burnt out and ready for a new challenge. Weatherly had started contemplating leaving the show after the exit of his co-star Cote de Pablo, who portrayed Ziva David. The dynamics of their characters’ relationship, from banter to near lovers, shifted, and Weatherly felt it was time for a change.

The potential return of Weatherly’s Tony DiNozzo adds an intriguing element to the upcoming season, leaving fans eager to see how the character’s storyline may unfold and whether it will tie into the anticipated tribute episode for David McCallum.

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