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The Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) operates as the civilian federal law enforcement agency within the Department of the Navy, uniquely tasked with investigating felony crimes, preventing terrorism, and safeguarding secrets for the Navy and Marine Corps.

With a workforce of approximately 2,000 personnel, including over 1,000 federal Special Agents, NCIS stands out among U.S. military investigative organizations for its civilian leadership. The agency is headed by a civilian law enforcement professional who directly reports to the Secretary of the Navy.

Operating in roughly 191 locations across more than 41 countries, NCIS maintains a global presence and is often the first federal law enforcement agency to respond to incidents affecting U.S. interests abroad. The organization’s unique jurisdiction, coupled with its modest force structure, necessitates extensive collaboration with other law enforcement entities. NCIS routinely partners with local, state, federal, and foreign agencies to address criminal incidents, identify threats to naval forces, and conduct joint proactive operations.

NCIS Special Agents, numbering over 1,000, are strategically deployed ashore, afloat, and in cyberspace. They not only serve at major naval commands worldwide but also deploy on Navy aircraft carriers and amphibious task forces. Prior to Navy ship visits to non-Navy ports, NCIS agents conduct advance operations, collaborating with domestic and foreign counterparts to identify and mitigate security threats. The agency is also actively involved in protective service operations for senior naval officials and visiting dignitaries.

Recognizing the importance of information sharing, NCIS has pioneered initiatives like the Law Enforcement Information Exchange (LInX) program, facilitating unprecedented exchanges of criminal data among agencies in eight major U.S. regions. Moreover, the agency shares expertise by providing law enforcement and security force training, hosting seminars on Cold Case resolution, and actively engaging in international partnerships.

As part of its commitment to expansion and innovation, NCIS remains dedicated to fostering collaboration with the global law enforcement community, continuously seeking new opportunities for partnership.

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