NCIS Season 21: Gibbs’ Return Hint Dropped! It’s Sooner Than You Think!

In NCIS season 21, episode 3, viewers were left wondering when Mark Harmon’s Leroy Jethro Gibbs might make a return, as the team navigated through a case without their former leader. Despite the tribute to Ducky passing, Gibbs remained absent, leaving fans eager for his potential comeback. Instead, Michael Weatherly’s Tony DiNozzo briefly returned, offering solace to Jimmy Palmer in a poignant moment.

The episode’s case introduced an ex-CIA friend of a troubled former NCIS agent, who eagerly joined the investigation despite being retired for three years. This eagerness mirrored Gibbs’ potential return, hinting that he might also seek purpose beyond retirement, particularly as he enjoys his solitude in Alaska.

Having been retired for around two years, Gibbs finds solace in Alaska following the tragic events of his past. However, the longing for purpose may eventually draw him back to NCIS, as his dedication to service runs deep.

Several avenues pave the way for Gibbs’ return, including potential involvement in the upcoming 1000th episode and his role as executor of Ducky’s will. These opportunities present compelling reasons for Gibbs to rejoin the team, despite having missed the chance to bid farewell to his dear friend.

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