CBS Drops Bombshell: Fire Country Set to Spark a New NCIS Empire? Exclusive Details Inside!

CBS president George Cheeks expresses optimism about the potential of the network’s latest hit series, Fire Country, to evolve into a long-running and successful franchise, akin to the likes of NCIS. Produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and featuring co-creator Max Thieriot, Billy Burke, and Diane Farr, the action-drama procedural made its debut in October 2022. The storyline revolves around a young convict aiding the California Department of Forestry and Forest Protection in battling wildfires in the region. Following a robust first season, which garnered consistent viewership for its 22 episodes, the show has been greenlit for a second season, with Cheeks envisioning it as a potential franchise cornerstone.

In an interview with Peter White of Deadline, CBS CEO George Cheeks expresses satisfaction with the show’s debut season performance and envisions it as a foundation for building a new franchise. He emphasizes the network’s commitment to mass appeal franchises, highlighting the success of Fire Country as a significant step in expanding their universe. Cheeks acknowledges the show’s uniqueness and sees it as an opportunity to create a franchise from scratch. He congratulates the team on securing a full season and encourages discussions about ideas for new extensions.

Cheeks emphasizes a patient approach, stating that they are not necessarily looking at the next year but are focused on when the team is ready. He underscores the importance of getting it right and mentions that the gestation process allows them to double down on the success of Fire Country. Whether it leads to further seasons, a Paramount Plus original, or a CBS original is yet to be determined.

Given CBS’s history of successful TV franchises like NCIS, CSI: Vegas, S.W.A.T., and FBI, the network is hopeful that Fire Country will join their ranks. With early renewal for season 2 following strong ratings in 2022, the show’s potential success may pave the way for additional renewals and potential spin-offs. Cheeks emphasizes the value of franchises in long-form television, providing viewers with consistent characters and narratives that grow and deepen over time.

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