Gibbs’ Comeback?! Mark Harmon’s NCIS Return Before Prequel – Jaw-Dropping Twist Revealed!

Mark Harmon is set to reprise his role as Leroy Jethro Gibbs, a character he left behind in NCIS season 19. While his return is confirmed for an upcoming prequel, there is speculation that he might make an earlier comeback in the main NCIS show, potentially in season 21. One suggested scenario for his return involves a tribute episode dedicated to the character Ducky Mallard, played by David McCallum.

The friendship between Gibbs and Ducky dates back to before the events of the series, providing a compelling reason for Harmon to return and pay homage to his longtime friend. Even though Harmon is confirmed to narrate the NCIS prequel, he could physically appear in season 21, especially for the tribute episode dedicated to Ducky.

In the narrative, Gibbs left the show in season 19, retiring after a case took him to Alaska. However, since he retired rather than meeting a definitive end, the door remains open for his potential return. The FBI’s pursuit of Gibbs adds an additional layer of tension to the storyline, but the possibility of him returning with the help of his allies is not ruled out.

The proposed return aligns with the upcoming tribute episode in NCIS season 21, which addresses the passing of Ducky Mallard. With original cast member David McCallum’s death, the episode will focus on the team learning about Ducky’s demise and dealing with a case that emphasizes his significance to the group. Harmon’s return for this episode would not only allow him to participate in the case but also pay respects to his friend and original cast member.

The friendship between Gibbs and Ducky was established in the ’80s, predating the events of the series, making it a significant aspect of their characters. Harmon’s farewell episode featured an emotional conversation between Gibbs and Ducky, expressing gratitude for their enduring friendship. Given this strong bond, it is reasonable to assume that Gibbs would return to DC upon learning of Ducky’s passing, even if only for the final rites in the tribute episode. Harmon’s statement following McCallum’s death further supports the idea of Gibbs paying tribute to his NCIS character.

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