Muse Watson’s Tearful Announcement Breaks Hearts – Brace Yourself for Sad News!

Muse Watson, known for his role as Supervisory Special Agent Mike Franks on NCIS, reportedly expressed significant dissatisfaction with the demise of his character in season 8, as revealed by the show’s creators. Executive producer Charles Floyd Johnson disclosed that Watson, deeply attached to the show, was displeased when his character was written off. Watson later conveyed his sentiments, stating that while the initial plan sounded promising, the execution left his character in need of further development. The actor learned about his character’s fate while filming a Christmas production, describing the experience as “like losing an old friend” and acknowledging its impact on his livelihood.

In an attempt to address Watson’s discontent, the creators assured him that he could return as a ghost to maintain his presence on the show. This move mirrored similar explanations provided by other past cast members, including Michael Weatherly, Mark Harmon, and Cote de Pablo, who cited factors such as burnout, dissatisfaction with the storyline, and the pursuit of new opportunities for their departures from the series.

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