Emily Wickersham Drops Bombshell on NCIS Exit – You Won’t Believe the Shocking Revelation!

Concluding her seven-season role as Eleanor “Ellie” Bishop on NCIS, Emily Wickersham bid farewell at the end of season 18. Initially keeping the reason for her departure undisclosed, Wickersham later revealed her pregnancy on Instagram, hinting at personal reasons behind the decision.

In the season finale titled “Rule 91,” Bishop’s departure unfolded as she leaked a confidential NSA file orchestrated by ex-CIA instructor Odette Malone. This unexpected plot twist set the stage for an undercover mission, leaving the possibility open for Bishop’s potential return. Wickersham’s exit marked another significant departure, following others like Mark Harmon as Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs and Maria Bello as Forensic Psychologist Jack Sloane.

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