Sean Murray Stands in Solidarity with Writers’ Strike!

In a recent Instagram post, “NCIS” actor Sean Murray voiced his support for the ongoing writers’ strike, aligning with the Writers Guild of America’s (WGA) pursuit of fair pay structures and safeguards against the use of artificial intelligence in scriptwriting. As the strike reverberates across Hollywood, Murray’s endorsement resonates with fans, while co-star Brian Dietzen hints at uncertainties regarding the show’s return to production.


  1. Social Media Solidarity:
    • Sean Murray took to Instagram to express his support for the ongoing writers’ strike, sharing SAG-AFTRA posters and employing the hashtag #SAGAFTRAstrong.
    • Fans rallied behind Murray’s stance, showcasing solidarity in the entertainment community for fair labor practices.
  2. Brian Dietzen’s Indications:
    • Fellow “NCIS” co-star Brian Dietzen hinted at uncertainties surrounding the show’s return to production amid the ongoing writers’ strike.
    • The actors’ engagement with the strike underscores the collective awareness and concerns within the “NCIS” cast regarding industry labor issues.
  3. Impact on “NCIS” Season 21:
    • The 21st season of “NCIS” is slated to resume in the fall, aligning with the CBS 2023 fall schedule, which will include reruns in September.
    • The writers’ strike adds a layer of unpredictability to the show’s production timeline, raising questions about potential delays and adjustments to the upcoming season.
  4. WGA’s Advocacy and Strike Impact:
    • The Writers Guild of America initiated the strike on May 2, advocating for a stable pay structure, salary increases, and safeguards against the use of artificial intelligence in scriptwriting.
    • The strike’s disruption to Hollywood productions marks the end of 15 years of industry labor peace, emphasizing the writers’ commitment to securing equitable terms.


As Sean Murray and other members of the “NCIS” cast throw their support behind the ongoing writers’ strike, the entertainment industry faces a period of uncertainty and change. The collective voice of actors amplifies the writers’ call for fair compensation and protections against emerging challenges in scriptwriting. As the strike unfolds, its impact on “NCIS” Season 21 and the broader entertainment landscape adds a new dimension to the evolving dynamics of industry labor negotiations.

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