Sean Murray’s Shocking NCIS Exit Confession – Brace for a Jaw-Dropping Revelation!

Since 2003, Sean Murray has been an integral part of the NCIS family, embodying Agent Timothy McGee and contributing to the show’s monumental success. As NCIS celebrates its 450th episode, Murray shares reflections on his journey, expressing a keen interest in exploring new projects once the show concludes.


  1. Gratitude and Milestones:
    • Sean Murray expresses profound gratitude for his longstanding role as Agent Timothy McGee, spanning almost two decades.
    • As NCIS marks its 450th episode, Murray acknowledges the show’s enduring popularity and the milestones it continues to achieve.
  2. Evolution from Guest Star to Mainstay:
    • Initially joining NCIS as a guest star, Murray has become a mainstay, outlasting many co-stars and witnessing the show’s evolution over the years.
    • His journey from a recurring character to an integral part of the ensemble underscores the dynamic nature of his role.
  3. Chemistry and Camaraderie:
    • Murray highlights the camaraderie among the current cast as a crucial element in the show’s ongoing success.
    • Praising co-stars Gary Cole, Wilmer Valderrama, and Katrina Law, he emphasizes the welcoming atmosphere and chemistry that contribute to the show’s appeal.
  4. Eager Anticipation for Future Projects:
    • Expressing eagerness to explore new projects, Murray hints at a desire for a different type of show and character once NCIS concludes.
    • Acknowledging the unpredictable nature of the industry, he remains open to diverse opportunities.
  5. A Bright Future for NCIS:
    • With recent news of NCIS aiming for a 500-episode run, Murray sees a bright future for the show and its potential to become the longest-running primetime live-action series.
    • The strong camaraderie within the current cast fuels optimism, providing a foundation for achieving new milestones.


As Sean Murray commemorates NCIS’s 450th episode, his reflections on the journey from a guest star to an iconic character showcase the show’s lasting impact. With an eye on the future, Murray’s eagerness to embrace new projects post-NCIS adds an intriguing layer to his versatile career. As NCIS continues its remarkable run, the chemistry and camaraderie within the cast set the stage for even greater milestones in the episodes to come.

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