SHOCKING: NCIS Season 21 Finally Breaks 21-Year Heartbreak Streak! You Won’t Believe What’s Changing Since 2003!

As NCIS gears up for its highly anticipated 21st season, the show is poised to break a longstanding trend that has been in place since its debut in 2003. Notably, this season will mark the first time without any of the original cast members, signifying a significant transition for the enduring police procedural.

Despite the absence of the familiar faces that fans have grown attached to over the years, there remains the possibility of original cast members making a return in some capacity in future seasons, especially considering that certain characters’ storylines are left unresolved.

Season 21 holds the potential for an original cast reunion, presenting two compelling opportunities. Firstly, a tribute to Ducky, portrayed by David McCallum, could provide a platform for a gathering of the original cast, with characters like Gibbs likely to be involved given their longstanding friendship. Secondly, the milestone of the franchise’s 1000th episode offers a fitting occasion for the involvement of those who played pivotal roles in launching the series.

While NCIS continues to thrive as the most-watched drama on television, it’s essential to acknowledge the larger NCIS universe’s expansion. Despite the conclusion of NCIS: Los Angeles and NCIS: New Orleans, the franchise has introduced new elements such as NCIS: Hawai’i and NCIS: Sydney, with NCIS: Origins exploring the early years of Mark Harmon’s character, Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

The upcoming season signifies a departure from the show’s original core, as characters like Gibbs, Caitlin Todd, Tony DiNozzo, Abby Sciuto, and Ducky Mallard have all left at different points in the series. Sean Murray’s Timothy McGee, although not part of the original core, remains part of the current team.

With Gibbs retiring in season 19 and McCallum’s unfortunate passing in 2023, the door remains open for potential returns of other original cast members. Harmon’s continued involvement in the franchise, particularly with the upcoming Gibbs prequel, suggests a positive working relationship with the remaining cast.

Michael Weatherly, who portrayed Tony DiNozzo, has expressed interest in reprising his role, highlighting the possibility of future returns. The uncertainty surrounding the efforts to bring back legacy characters for the 20th season raises hopes that NCIS season 21 may provide a more opportune moment for an original cast get-together.

As the show approaches its 1000th episode, the prospect of involving the original cast in the storyline becomes increasingly appealing. Whether through a Ducky tribute or a case that requires the recruitment of original members, these options present compelling reasons to revisit the roots of the franchise, honoring its past while setting the stage for its future.

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