Shocking News: NCIS Faces Impending End – Season Finale Secrets Revealed! Will Sydney Get a Thrilling Season 2? Find Out Now!

Achieving double-digit seasons is a rarity in the television industry, and hitting the 21st season is a remarkable feat, as demonstrated by NCIS this year. Additionally, the franchise is set to celebrate its 1,000th episode on April 15, marking a significant milestone. CBS Entertainment President Amy Reisenbach expressed confidence in the show’s continued success, attributing it to the fantastic cast and longstanding writing staff, who remain as passionate and energized as ever.

Despite the initial difficulty in imagining NCIS without Mark Harmon’s leadership as Leroy Jethro Gibbs, his departure in Season 19 did not mark the end of the series. With Gary Cole taking the helm, the show has continued to thrive. The NCIS universe has expanded with spinoffs, including concluded series like New Orleans and Los Angeles, the ongoing Hawai’i, the first international venture Sydney, and the upcoming Origins.

Reflecting on the success of NCIS: Sydney’s first season, Reisenbach highlighted its significance for CBS, Paramount, Paramount+, CBS Studios, and Paramount International. She teased upcoming news, suggesting potential resolutions to the intense cliffhanger in the finale.

The forthcoming NCIS: Origins brings back Harmon as a narrator in a prequel set in 1991. The show explores Gibbs’ early career as a special agent at the emerging NCIS Camp Pendleton office, working alongside the legendary Mike Franks and a gritty, ragtag team. Reisenbach emphasized that NCIS: Origins stands out within the franchise, describing it as different, period-specific (set in the ’90s), and possessing a more edgy and gritty tone with an exciting serialized element.

Looking ahead, there is optimism about the possibility of having three NCIS shows in CBS’ primetime lineup for the next season, underscoring the enduring popularity and success of the franchise.

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