Exclusive! NCIS Season 21’s Heartbreaking Ducky Tribute Episode Explained by Jimmy Palmer Actor! You Won’t Believe What He Reveals!

In an interview with TVLine, NCIS star Brian Dietzen, who portrays Jimmy Palmer, provided insight into the upcoming tribute episode dedicated to Ducky in NCIS Season 21. Dietzen explained the significance of Jimmy discovering Ducky’s body, emphasizing the close relationship between the characters and the importance of honoring both the character of Ducky and the late actor David McCallum.

Dietzen emphasized the familial bond within the NCIS team and how Jimmy’s routine interactions with Ducky, such as picking him up for work or checking in on him, underscored this closeness. He highlighted the impact of Ducky’s passing on the team and noted Jimmy’s pivotal role as the character closest to Ducky.

While Ducky’s role on the show had decreased in recent seasons, his presence remained influential, representing the show’s origins and contributing to its legacy. The episode is anticipated to be emotional and respectful, serving as a tribute to McCallum’s contributions to NCIS.

The teaser at the end of Season 21, Episode 1 hinted at the upcoming tribute episode, with a trailer suggesting the return of past characters like Gibbs and DiNozzo for flashback scenes. Given the team’s closeness to Ducky and McCallum, their return is fitting for this special episode.

Overall, the episode promises to be a moving exploration of grief for the entire NCIS team, while also honoring McCallum’s significant impact on the show. Further details about the episode are expected to be revealed closer to its premiere on CBS on February 19th.

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