Gibbs & DiNozzo Reunite in NCIS Season 21 Ducky Tribute! Watch Trailer Now!

The latest trailer for NCIS Season 21, Episode 2 offers a poignant glimpse into Ducky Mallard’s tribute episode, honoring the late David McCallum and his iconic character. While there’s no confirmation of Gibbs and DiNozzo’s return, their presence in the marketing clip suggests their potential involvement in the episode.

The trailer sets a somber tone as Jimmy Palmer discovers Ducky’s lifeless body, prompting the team to reflect on his legacy and consider how best to honor him. Notably, flashbacks featuring Gibbs and DiNozzo hint at their significant roles in Ducky’s life and the squad’s dynamics.

Although there have been rumors of Mark Harmon and Michael Weatherly’s return, nothing has been confirmed. However, the trailer’s focus on Gibbs and DiNozzo fuels speculation about their participation in the tribute. While their reunion would be eagerly anticipated by fans, the episode’s primary focus remains on paying homage to Ducky and his impact on the team.

Given the importance of Ducky’s sendoff, it’s possible that any potential Gibbs and DiNozzo reunion may be postponed to a later date to ensure the episode’s emotional resonance isn’t overshadowed. Nonetheless, their presence in the NCIS universe leaves the door open for future appearances, offering hope for fans eager to see their favorite characters reunited on screen once more.

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