NCIS’s Emotional Tribute to David McCallum Will Leave You in Tears! Watch Now!

In the recent episode of NCIS aired on Monday, February 19th, the show bid a poignant farewell to its beloved long-standing cast member, David McCallum, who passed away in September at the age of 90.

McCallum, the sole remaining original cast member, portrayed the character of Dr. Donald ‘Ducky’ Mallard, a medical examiner turned historian, for two decades before his demise.

Titled “The Stories We Leave Behind,” the episode commenced with Dr. Jimmy Palmer, portrayed by Brian Dietzen, discovering Ducky’s lifeless body in bed, with his faithful corgi by his side. Despite the somber moment, the team at NCIS headquarters mustered the strength to delve into Ducky’s final case while reminiscing about his memorable scenes from past seasons, which included touching interactions with Leroy Gibbs (played by Mark Harmon) and Tony DiNozzo (portrayed by Michael Weatherly).

Weatherly’s return as DiNozzo, a surprise element, added depth to the episode as the team worked fervently to clear the name of a deceased soldier, a cause Ducky championed.

The episode concluded with a heartfelt dedication to McCallum, honoring his legacy and contributions to the show. Season 21 of NCIS premiered on February 12th on CBS in the US, while previous seasons are available for streaming on Disney Plus in the UK.

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