Shocking Update: NCIS Season 21 Original Character’s Fate Revealed! Fans Left Disappointed!

The tribute episode in Season 21 of NCIS honoring Ducky features the return of an original cast member, but with a disappointing twist regarding their future on the show. Instead of Gibbs, as many might have anticipated, Michael Weatherly’s Tony DiNozzo makes a cameo appearance, reconnecting with Palmer and McGee. However, Dietzen confirms that Weatherly’s appearance is a one-time event, dashing hopes for a more permanent return.

Weatherly’s desire to revisit his role as DiNozzo has been expressed, especially now that his schedule has freed up following the conclusion of his show, Bull. However, despite his eagerness, there are no current plans for his character to make a full-fledged return. This news is especially disheartening given the potential for DiNozzo’s character to contribute to the ongoing narrative of the show.

Nevertheless, there remains a glimmer of hope for fans as the show approaches its monumental 1000th episode. With DiNozzo being a pivotal figure in the NCIS universe, his involvement in the milestone event seems fitting. Additionally, with Gibbs’ storyline left open-ended, there’s potential for a reunion between the two characters, should the writers choose to explore that avenue.

Overall, while Weatherly’s return in Season 21 may not be a permanent one, there’s still the possibility for future appearances, particularly as the show continues to commemorate its legacy and celebrate its achievements.

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