NCIS Season 22: Actor Brian Dietzen Drops Major Hint! Fans on the Edge of Their Seats!

NCIS stalwart Brian Dietzen, who has portrayed Dr. Jimmy Palmer since the series’ inception in 2003, recently offered an encouraging outlook on the show’s future. As NCIS Season 21 unfolds, marking the franchise’s milestone 1,000th episode, Dietzen reflects on the evolution of the series and discusses the potential for NCIS Season 22.

Dietzen’s Hopeful Stance on NCIS Season 22
During an interview with TV Insider, Dietzen conveyed his appreciation for the dedicated fan base that followed the show’s transition from Tuesday to Monday nights. When asked about the prospects of NCIS Season 22, he expressed optimism, stating that he is “hoping” for another season. Dietzen’s positive outlook offers fans a glimmer of anticipation regarding the beloved crime procedural’s future trajectory.

Unprecedented Longevity in Television History
As of now, only four scripted shows have surpassed NCIS in terms of longevity, all of which are still airing. Notably, similar to NCIS, shows like Law & Order and its spinoff SVU have enjoyed extended runs as live-action crime procedurals. The episodic format of these shows allows new viewers to join at any point, contributing to their enduring success. Additionally, animated sitcoms also feature in the top 5 longest-running scripted shows, underlining the significance of NCIS’s remarkable run.

Is the NCIS series concluded?
In February 2023, fans received the delightful news that NCIS would be returning for its 21st season. The announcement, shared on Instagram with a video montage, confirmed the show’s continuation for the 2023-2024 television season.

Why did Gibbs depart NCIS?
Following the successful resolution of his final case and finding a sense of closure, Agent Gibbs bid farewell to NCIS. Rather than choosing retirement, he opted to address the consequences of his actions. While Mark Harmon has departed NCIS to pursue new opportunities, Gibbs’ character remains open to potential special appearances in the future, as he is not officially retired.

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