Shocking Revelation: NCIS Producers Spill the Beans on Mark Harmon’s Mysterious Disappearance in Ducky Tribute Episode!

The absence of Mark Harmon as Gibbs in the recent NCIS episode paying tribute to David McCallum’s character, Dr. Donald “Ducky” Mallard, has been addressed by the show’s executive producers.

Following McCallum’s passing, his character was given a heartfelt send-off in the episode that aired on Monday, Feb. 19. While there were speculations among fans about a potential surprise appearance by Harmon’s Gibbs to honor Ducky, it was clarified by EP and co-showrunner Steven D. Binder that such an appearance was considered but ultimately deemed more fitting to reserve for a more significant moment than a brief cameo.

Binder likened the initial idea to what the Marvel Cinematic Universe did after the death of Tony Stark, aiming for a grander ensemble return. However, they ultimately decided to focus on characters deeply connected to Ducky, which led them to bring back Michael Weatherly as Tony DiNozzo. Binder emphasized the importance of choosing someone who could both connect with Jimmy’s character and inject some levity into the episode, making Weatherly’s return an obvious choice.

While Weatherly had expressed interest in returning to the franchise, fellow EP/co-showrunner David J. North praised his seamless transition back into the role of DiNozzo, highlighting his natural fit within the NCIS universe.

Regarding Harmon’s potential return as Gibbs, Binder reiterated the desire to bring him back for a more substantial role in the future, emphasizing that it would need to be for something truly special, rather than just a brief appearance.

Additionally, Harmon will be reprising his role as Gibbs in a different capacity for an NCIS spinoff series, serving as the narrator for NCIS: Origins. His continued involvement with the franchise may pave the way for a return in the parent series, although specifics about timing remain uncertain.

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