NCIS Season 21 Teases Gibbs’ Epic Comeback – Sooner Than Expected!

In the third episode of NCIS season 21, fans were treated to an unexpected hint that Leroy Jethro Gibbs, portrayed by Mark Harmon, might make a return sooner than initially thought. Despite the team grappling with the absence of key characters, especially Gibbs himself, their dedication to their work persists. However, Gibbs’s presence is sorely missed, given his central role in the series for nearly two decades. Fans are eagerly awaiting his potential comeback, even if it’s just a brief appearance or in a limited capacity.

Although many hoped for Gibbs’s return during Ducky’s tribute episode, it was Michael Weatherly’s Tony DiNozzo who made a fleeting appearance, leaving viewers anticipating Gibbs’s eventual comeback. Nevertheless, a clue within the team’s latest case suggests that Gibbs might rejoin NCIS sooner than expected. As the series progresses, viewers hold onto hope for Harmon’s return to the screen, eager to witness his character back in action.

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