Mind-Blowing Premise Revealed: DiNozzo’s Surprise Cameo Teases NCIS: Europe!

In a surprising turn of events in NCIS season 21, episode 2, fans were left eagerly anticipating Leroy Jethro Gibbs’s return during Ducky’s funeral, only to be met with the unexpected appearance of Michael Weatherly’s Tony instead. Tony’s brief cameo provided the emotional support Palmer needed to navigate the loss of his mentor. While Tony’s presence was fleeting, it subtly hinted at the forthcoming NCIS: Europe storyline and shed light on Ziva’s absence, suggesting their current status as fugitives.

Ziva’s absence at Ducky’s funeral raised questions about their circumstances, particularly given their upcoming storyline in NCIS: Europe, where they are depicted as being on the run across the continent. It’s understandable why Ziva didn’t accompany Tony, as their situation likely demanded caution. Having only Tony attend the funeral allowed for a safer approach while still allowing him to pay his respects to Ducky.

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