NCIS’ Ultimate Team Exposed: Ducky’s Secret Vault Reveals All!

While only DiNozzo makes a return in the Ducky tribute episode of NCIS season 21, episode 2, titled “The Stories We Leave Behind,” the show still pays homage to the character’s legacy by acknowledging the close relationships he formed throughout his time as the medical examiner-turned-historian. Initially, the writers had planned to bring back several old characters for Ducky’s funeral, but logistical constraints intervened. Despite this, the episode effectively taps into nostalgia through flashbacks while also mourning the loss of a cherished team member.

As McGee and Alden Parker delve into Ducky’s final case, they stumble upon a pivotal clue concealed within a secret safe hidden behind one of Dr. Mallard’s office photos. These photos chronicle the various iterations of the active roster over the years, from the original cast with Cait to the latest lineup led by Parker. However, the vault is positioned behind a photo featuring Gibbs, DiNozzo, McGee, Palmer, Ziva David, Abby, Leon Vance, and Ducky, subtly implying that they represent the pinnacle of NCIS’ ensemble.

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