Must-See Recap: NCIS: Los Angeles Episode ‘Under the Influence!

In the latest episode of NCIS: Los Angeles titled “Under the Influence,” the team delved into the distressing world of social media’s darker side to solve the disappearance of Gia Michelle, a well-connected influencer.

Gia, whose mother holds an ambassadorial position, vanished after a sponsored scooter ride, sparking concerns. The investigation escalated quickly, involving high-ranking officials due to Gia’s influential connections. Agents Deeks and Kensi discovered the intricate web of love and hate that enveloped Gia within social media circles.

The perplexing situation left the team uncertain if Gia’s disappearance was genuine or an elaborate publicity stunt. Insights revealed the extreme lengths influencers go to for attention, including the tendency to geo-tag personal locations.

Interviews with Gia’s driver and former bodyguard suggested the complexity of her online persona. The agents navigated through a disturbing trail of online hate and campaigns as conflicting accounts arose, eventually culminating in a distressing video posted by Gia, alleging her kidnapping and a demand for ransom.

An alarming counter-campaign emerged, raising funds for Gia’s murder to be broadcast live on social media. Amidst this chaos, the team uncovered the orchestrator, Curtis Jenkins, aka “The Last Gentleman,” whose obsession with Gia led to a sinister plot.

A tense showdown ensued at Curtis’ secluded beach house, with Gia’s life hanging in the balance. Through the skillful intervention of agents Sam and Callen, Gia was saved, and Curtis was apprehended without further violence.

The episode concluded on a triumphant note, with the team coming together to celebrate the successful resolution of a harrowing case.

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